Flat River Plats

OrangeCo FlatPlat


5 Comments on “Flat River Plats”

  1. Stuart Parrish says:

    On the Flat River Plat drawing is an ancestor of yours, presumably, William McFarland . Adjacent smaller parcel on either side of the Flat is Ansil Parrish both given dates of 1780. I have been researching Ansil . He is a. 5x Great Grandfather. He transferred title to a son before moving to Georgia. There is still a William McFarland farm on Moors Mill Road. Beautiful place. Thank you for sharing this. . I will note your site and should I ever discover anything I think may be of interest to you will promptly share in return. Stuart Lee Parrish


    • Susan Kromer Hunt says:

      Can you tell me if there is a John Hunt or more than one John Hunt in the area you mentioned.
      Thanks Susan


      • Stuart Parrish says:

        Susan, I only now saw your comment. I was on the Flat River yesterday and will gladly keep you posted if I should encounter a John Hunt in local research. I wonder if there is a way to enable notifications about comments in this thread? If you have admin on this site, I will gladly reply to email including more info, such as any bio. stats of the John Hu nt you are interested in, DOB,etc.


  2. Deason Hunt says:

    Stuart. This is a WordPress.com engine. I have looked and can’t find any setting that would get the notification to you. If you are WordPress-experienced and know of such a setting, I would appreciate hearing about it.


  3. Stuart Parrish says:

    My wife and I found a property for sale on Flat River close enough to the old Parrish lands to be of interest, and we ended up buying it. I will keep my antennae out for anything, as I hope visiting often, I may get to know or at least converse with some older members of the community there. The farm house next to us was occupied into the 2000s by a distant cousin I didn’t know I had. This part of the area where Durham and Person Cos meet now, once part of Orange Co, North District, has remained agricultural, largely undeveloped, but a boom is in progress, and this could all change very quickly. Somewhere on land now owned by NC State Forestry my great grandfather, David Nelson Parrish was buried, but some &%#s have robbed at least one Confederate grave for the uniform the dead was buried in. I fear the worst , as I cannot find the family cemetery even with the GPS data from a 1980s survey. I was at nearby David M Rubenstein rare Book and Manuscript Library at Duke doing research today.Ne er know what you might turn up or when, so long as you keep looking.


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