Family Finder Chart

Family Finder Chart

Thanks to Susan Hunt for sharing this with us for the Hunt Roots site. 




One Comment on “Family Finder Chart”

  1. Steve says:

    All I can do is add more speculation into your surname pot. At the 67 marker level I (Steve Mitchell) am a GD of 7 from Thomas Hunt b 1787. And in my BigY test at FTDNA the two of us share a lot of STRs and SNPs, but not my Haplogroup of FGC10124. I can remember an old birthday book that had a lot of McIntyres and McFarlands in it, going back to 1836. It was lost in a move and I have not seen it since 1978. I think the link may be to the Mortons or Morrows in Brushy Creek, Anderson, Texas who are in my dad’s line. I can prove nothing genealogically.
    To further stir the pot, my great grandmother is Georgia Ann Morris. Her line goes back to Jacob Golden from Henry, Virginia. Via the Trail of Tears many eventually ended up in MO and OK. I read somewhere that the Crow family lived across the river in Henry County, and usually stayed near the Goldens over the years. Yes, I cannot resist drawing to an inside straight.


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