The Surname Thing Gets More Confusing

FYI: Stand by for upcoming posts concerning new DNA developments which call in question the information about Hidden MacGregors of Clan MacFarlane. As more information and analysis comes available, we might have to revise some of the things that we have written here in previous posts. (Deason Hunt)

6 Comments on “The Surname Thing Gets More Confusing”

  1. Standing by, holding my breath. Can I breathe soon?


    • Deason Hunt says:

      The fact is, Bill, that I don’t know any more now than I did when I posted this. I resumed periodic breathing, and I suggest you might want to do so also. 🙂 I hope someone who understands this better than I do will some day weigh in on where we stand.


      • Ashley Allison says:

        Hello! I have been researching my tree for a very long time and I am just now getting to my McFarland branch. I am wondering if you could help me and see if I am on the right path.

        Thank You!


  2. Deason Hunt says:

    Hi Allison. How about some info about your McFarlands. Maybe I, or someone else who monitors this blog, will be able to help.


  3. Kait says:

    I am a descendant of William Watt Hunt through my father. I read the article on Elizabeth Tyus, John Hunt, and William McFarland, but I need more info on William. can anyone find a birthdate on him??


  4. Deason Hunt says:

    Hi Kait. For the information you are mentioning do you mean William “Wat” Hunt or William McFarland?


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