We Are Hunt, We Are McFarland, and What Else?

Who are we these Hunts and related McFarlands who can trace back to North Carolina to Rutherford County (Hunt) and Orange County (McFarland and perhaps Hunt).

  1. I know from records and research that my line is at least seven generations of the Hunt surname.
  2. I know from family tradition shared as late as 1852 that we are some unknown number of generations of the McFarland surname. (A McFarland boy or orphan was adopted or took the Hunt name from a Hunt family with which he lived.)
  3. We might or not be McFarlands or MacGregors even though by Y-DNA I was identified as of “Hidden MacGregors of Clan MacFarlane” just in the last year or so.
  4. I have been accepted into membership by Clan MacFarlane Worldwide and The Clan Gregor Society within the last year.
  5. Two latest references I have seen lists those of our group(s) as “MacFarland or MacFarlane/MacFarlin, hidden MacGregors” in one instance and “Scots Modal Highlanders B.”

The search continues as we seek records which will confirm the names and locations of ancestors back beyond the known seven generations.

7 Comments on “We Are Hunt, We Are McFarland, and What Else?”

  1. Charles Hunt says:

    I am Charles Hunt. Thomas Hunt was my 5th Great Grandfather.


    • Deason Hunt says:

      Hi Charles. He was my 2nd Great Grandfather through his son William Marshall Hunt. Which son are you descended from?
      Deason Hunt


      • Charles Hunt says:

        So Thomas Hunt jr.(1821-1888) Is who my line is from.


      • Susan Hunt says:

        Toby Hunt is from your line. He had tested ydna and family finder.
        If you wouldn’t mind next time family finder goes on sale at ftdna would you mind using these also. Several of our McFarlands have tested there as well. It really helps us sort out things.
        My husband had also just taken ancestry DNA waiting those results.

        Do you mind sharing you email I can send you an invite to my tree.


    • Susan Hunt says:

      Charles glad you found us. Happy to share information with you. Have you done any DNA testing yet. My husband Bill, his father, Deason and Toby Hunt have all done testing. Having another do the family finder test would be a huge help in trying to identify Thomas Hunt Sr wife’s last name.
      Welcome to the Hunt, McFarland and who knows else group. My direct email is susankromerhunt@outlook.com
      Looking forward to hearing which Thomas line you are from.


      • Charles Hunt says:

        Hi, yes i just recently did the test through ancestry DNA. I’m just getting into finding all this info out. This is some pretty amazing stuff.


  2. Lora says:

    Thomas Hunt Sr & Louvisa “Lucy” are my 4th great gandparents


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