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This is a site to share research and questions about the ancestry of Thomas Hunt Sr. born ca 1787 in North Carolina and died ca 1856 in Rusk County, Texas. Thomas lived in Rutherford County, North Carolina, Blount County, Tennessee, and Rusk County, Texas. Among other questions, we are investigating ancestors of Thomas, when and which ancestor (if not Thomas) changed his name from McFarland to Hunt, and relationship to other Hunt families in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Main areas of concentration at this time (2015/01/13) are Rutherford  and Orange counties of North Carolina.

We invite anyone with interest in this family or who might be interested in helping with the search to

(1) follow our posts and comments (link on home page to do so) or

(2) become active in the site by commenting on posts or

(3) become even more active by using your WordPress account (or getting one) to become a site participant. If you are interested in becoming a site participant, email Deason Hunt at netexas@gmail.com.

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